Treat insomnia with fresh juices

There’s nothing more enraging and tiresome than disability to sleep and at night and then feeling like a feeble rag all day. One of the main causes of insomnia is stress. Insomnia and fatigue are a debilitating result of long-term stress. You never feel rested when you wake up in the mornings, you slump in the afternoons, and feel tired again in the evenings; you seem to lack energy to do anything.

People who can’t sleep at night often take in sleeping pills. Instead, try some fresh juices to calm yourself down and smooth your stress. Juices contain lots of nutrients, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and they really have a great effect in fighting fatigue and insomnia.

Each recipe makes approx. one 8fl oz/230ml glass of juice. Adults can drink up to three glasses daily, but do vary the juice combinations for maximum benefit (for children see page 186). Dilute with water if you prefer. Juice each ingredient then blend using a spoon.

4oz/125g beansprouts
4oz/125 cauliflower
2 large carrots


3 stalks celery handful of watercress


1 grapefruit
2 guavas


1 orange
6oz/175g raspberries

These vitality-rich juices will help you bolster up your energy levels. They are a great insomnia treatment.

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