Insomnia in short

Insomnia, or sleeplessness is a common sleep disorder that is characterized by inability to fall and stay asleep. People suffering from insomnia can be easily recognized: tired or even worn-out look, swollen face, red eyes, high irritability and dissipation of attention, etc.

There are three stages of insomnia (or sleeplessness). The first of them happens when you have trouble while falling asleep. The second phase is when you can’t keep your sleep permanent: you awaken and fall back asleep for short periods all the time. The third phase is connected with early awakening with no subsequent sleep.

The causes of insomnia are various. It can be the result of stress, chronic emotional conflict or some somatic disease. Quite often insomnia is cause by psychostimulants, coffeine, disturbed or unstable regimen, etc.

Development of chronic insomnia is promoted by various factors, including emotional conflicts, incorrect (non-adaptive) reaction to stress, fear of bad dreams and anxiety.

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